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Hello from the owner and founder of Viridian Strange. 


Growing up I was the youngest of five siblings and I was always entertaining myself by watching movies.  I’ve watched so many movies that sometimes it can be difficult to even find one I haven’t seen yet (especially from the ‘80s and ‘90s).   If you have seen ‘The Goldbergs’, I always felt like the youngest sibling Adam Goldberg (except Mexican-American, and instead of obsessing over the directing in movies, I would obsess over the wardrobe in movies!).  I have had a lifelong fascination with movies and fashion. 


Due to our large family, my parents saved money by getting our clothes at the thrift store.  Because I was the youngest I always ended up being the one to go with my mother and spend countless hours going through every item with her, learning how to find the best items for each of my family members, and trying to match what I had seen in my favorite movies.  Going to all the local thrift stores is still one of my favorite hobbies, for both unique items and also everyday basics.  But my main problem is that I can’t possibly use all the cool stuff I find.  So I decided to create Viridian Strange as a way of sharing the finds with all of you!


I feel that fashion is fluid and that anyone can wear anything they want that expresses who they are as a person. I feel that fashion is about creativity and should not have rules.  As a child I would pick what I liked to wear to school, but it would not be the same as the other students.  When I saw Beetlejuice for the first time, I truly felt seen.  Lydia was her own person and knew who she was with no apologies.  (My poor parents had to deal with me watching Beetlejuice an insane amount of times).  As I have grown older I found myself relating to the Otho and Mrs. Deetz characters too.  Otho as the jack-of-all-trades interior designer, chemist, and medium and Mrs. Deetz always looking for ways to express herself artistically.  I came up with “Viridian” because that was the color Otho sprayed on a wall he was going to creatively transform.  Viridian is just a shade of green, but a unique and intriguing one.  My vintage/resale store will be one of many out there, but I seek to have my shade be equally unique and intriguing. 

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